As requested by a lovely listener, here is the saga in one go!

The Saga of Frithiof the Bold is a continuation of Thorstein Viking’s Son, we have love, envy, battle, and a seafaring scene with a stave or two from our hero! Journey the seas as we re-join our old friend Angantyr who has made his home in the Orkneys. However, the tension between the sons of Beli & Thorstein results in the burning of Baldur’s Meads. What becomes of our hero when he discovers King Ring has wed Ingibiorg and is made an outlaw? Nothing is simple in love and war as they say; what will happen when King Ring uncovers the true identity of a man who has become a trusted friend? Just when Frithiof thinks he must leave Ingibiorg behind, change is on the horizon, & perhaps one last battle with the brother kings!

Adaption of the 1875 translation by Eiríkr Magnússon & William Morris, and Rasmus B. Anderson in 1901


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