In today’s episode, I have the honour of featuring the wonderful music of Ian Fontova and his new album Tales of Olden. To accompany the music, we have a thrilling tale featuring Badb the battle goddess, a mythic isle, the legendary Boar King, and the wrath of Beira’s waves of misery! Ian and I very much hope you enjoy this episode, it has been a joy for us to work on it together. Below you will find links to Ian and Tales of Olden, and a few sources that inspired our story!


Ian Fontova and Tales of Olden:

Spotify -


Skye: The Island and Its Legends, Otta Swire

Folklore of Scottish Lochs and Springs, James M MacKinlay

Old Celtic Romances, P W Joyce

Gods and Fighting Men, Lady Gregory

Wondertales from Scottish Myth and Legend, Donald A MacKenzie


Please check out Skarphedin Art on Etsy and Instagram where you can discover past and present illustrations, and eagerly await the future work of Jacob and SkarphedinArt!

Music used in promo is Yngve-Frej from the Midsolsblot album by Torulf


Background music:

Kai Engel - Chapter 4/Fall Smouldering

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